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In an attempt to broaden our outreach, Bring Me A Book St. Louis introduced a book bus in 2019. Prior to the bus, we were putting little shelves in classroom, creating small classroom libraries. We thought we would reach more kids by doing both. 

The city library doesn’t have book mobiles anymore, so this is a great opportunity for kids that live in the city and all over – we go out to Warrenton and down to Desoto – and we give these books away.

It’s a great opportunity for kids who have never been in a book store to go “shopping” for books. We’re able to give kids choices; they want to pick what they want to read, like anybody. The book bus gives them the feeling of being in a bookstore.

Last week we were at a St Louis Public School where every 3rd grader got to pick 7 brand-new books off of the bus – free of charge – to take home to help build their library. 

Our book bus offers a nice mix of local authors and much more. Sometimes we go to community centers where those kids are able to pick novels off the bus. We have books for different age groups. We like to have something for everybody.

When kids pick what they want to read, they get excited about reading, which is important. Reading sparks their imaginations. 

We also give out boxes to children to take home for their at-home libraries through a partnership with the St. Louis Woodworkers Guild. By the end of 2019, we will have given away a thousand of these boxes to make libraries in a children’s homes.

We’re one of the only nonprofits in the Midwest with a free book mobile. If you’d like to get involved with Bring Me A Book St. Louis, please reach out to Michael Shipley at (314) 494-3151.

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